10:16 AM

CECT m1888 mini seperti mini iPhone (Model Telefon Klon iPhone)

We think many of you have heard about the mythical cell phone, iPhone nano. But the Chinese made the CECT phone before Apple. Look at the CECT m1888 mini video below, looks plausible.

Specifications CECT m1888 mini includes support communication standards GSM (900/1800/1900) with GPRS, dual slots for SIM cards. CECT is not badly copied the user interface Apple, which at 2.6-inch display is not bad. The camera phone, despite the 2 megapixel on the iPhone, hardly pulls in more than 640×480 pixels.

Also, the phone boasts Bluetooth, music and video players, FM tuner, 512 megabytes of internal memory, which can be expanded to 4GB using a memory stick. The cost of the phone on eBay auction is $ 103.

source : http://www.gadgetfolder.com/cect-m1888-mini-about-mini-iphone.html